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Why Purge Shredding is Necessary for Your St. Petersburg Business

Lots of documents stuffed into a few file folders. This image represents Purge Shredding.

Likely, your St. Petersburg company creates lots of documents every year.  Maybe, it’s even several years.  These days, most businesses have moved toward a paperless office.  Yet, they still have to deal with confidential hard copies. 

These include financial and legal documents.  In other words, paper can quickly pile up.  Now, you’re put at risk due to the confidential data they contain.  In reality, some documents should be retained permanently.  Though, others can be shredded after a time. 

Therefore, schedule regular services with your Florida document shredding partner.  Maybe, you do not have tons of paper piling up.  However, you might have documents due for shredding quarterly or annually.  Perhaps, you just need to clear out storage space. 

Let’s say you have a buildup of documents to be shredded.  Actually, it’s larger than your average weekly or monthly service covers.  Accordingly, you need to schedule a purge.  Why is it important to partner with a professional shredding service for periotic needs? 

Alleviate the Burden on Your Staff

Perhaps, you’ve chosen to manage daily shredding needs in-house.  Really, you can’t burden your staff with destroying the large pile of documents.  Probably, you don’t have the industrial shredding equipment necessary to this quickly or easily. 

Plus, employees would be taken from more important tasks.  This, in turn, impacts productivity and profit in the process.  Additionally, you have to consider your employees.  Some might be tempted to steal some of the documents slated for shredding. 

Maybe, they’ll use them for things such as identity theft.  Perhaps, they sell proprietary information to competitors.  In truth, you don’t want to believe your employees are capable of this.  Yet, it’s best to remove temptation.  Do this by partnering with a professional Florida shredding service.  They’ll manage your purge. 

Reduce the Potential for Costly Errors

Don’t leave unnecessary paperwork lying around.  Otherwise, it can cause errors in its own right.  Actually, employees may have inaccurate data.  That’s because newer documents are lost in the shuffle. 

However, having employees manage your purge could also result in errors.  What if your commercial shredders don’t comply with all applicable laws and standards?  Truthfully, you’ll be in hot water if shreds are stolen from the trash.  That’s because thieves can retrieve data from them. 

Enjoy Instant Proof of Destruction

There’s a great reason to work with a reliable St. Petersburg mobile shredding service.  First, they’ll shred your documents on-site, while you watch.  In doing so, you can confirm that the job is done right. 

Then, they will haul the remains to a secure facility for recycling.  Finally, you’ll receive a Certificate of Destruction.  This serves as proof for your records.  Thus, you can rest easy.

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