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Nowadays, companies are growing quickly. Thus, records management can become a complex and daunting undertaking.  Perhaps, you have clear policies and procedures in place. 

They govern how data is stored in digital and hard copy format.  Additionally, they dictate when data should be slated for data or document destruction. 

Hence, issues can arise if there is no enforcement.  Also, consider the potential consequences of failing to have a backup plan in place. 

What if crucial documents are accidentally given to your mobile document shredding service for destruction without redundancy in place, like a digital version of the data? 

In truth, you may be looking to get away from a data storage system that relies on paper anyway.  What is the best thing to do? 

When dealing with hard copies, create a policy that requires scanning before shredding.  In doing so, you’ll always have a convenient copy of data on hand. 

Avoiding Data Loss

Protecting your data requires that you keep hard copies in locked filing cabinets.  Also, it means that you put security features like firewalls and password protection in place. 

In doing so, you’ll restrict access to digital data.  What about data destruction?  Consider working with a reputable and reliable Florida document shredding service. 

They will ensure that data is kept secure until it is destroyed.  You should also consider another policy.  Be sure it includes scanning of documents before they’re shredded. 

In reality, having this backup in place ensures you never accidentally destroy the only copy of data. 

Going Paperless

These days, many offices are looking to do away with hard copies completely.  In fact, this reduces costs and risks along the way. 

When your office goes paperless, you’ll save money on equipment and supplies (printers, copiers, ink, paper, etc.).  Also, you’ll reduce the risks associated with hard copies. 

This includes theft of documents or data left out in the open. Plus, you’ll reclaim office space that was previously used to house rows of filing cabinets. 

Additionally, when you cut down on paper use, you’re doing your part for the environment. The best way to upgrade to a paperless office is to partner with a document shredding service. 

Select one that also offers scanning.  Thus, your massive backlog of paper records can be preserved.  Plus, you won’t have to devote resources to this time-consuming task. 

Therefore, use a combination of scanning and shredding.  In doing so, you can better manage and protect your crucial data.