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Why Shredding Your Documents in Tampa Saves More Than Just the Trees

A picture taken directly up in the middle of a forest with where light is peaking through the tree canopy. This picture represents the positive environmental effect of shredding your documents.

When you make it a policy for your business to shred and recycle old documents, you’ll be having a positive impact on the local environment. You’ll be saving trees and the wildlife that dwells in them. In addition, shredding your company’s documents will help you protect your Tampa business in the following ways:

Save on Legal Fees

Government regulations require businesses to take certain steps towards protecting their customers’ sensitive data. 

By shredding documents that your business no longer needs to store, you’ll ensure your business remains compliant with those government regulations. This approach will save you on the costs of legal fees and fines that your business would otherwise incur.

Protect Your Customers

Identity theft is a growing problem that affects millions of people each year, and the theft of customer data contributes to this growing problem. When you shred your company’s documents, you’ll be protecting your customers’ data from being stolen. 

This strategy reduces the risks of identity theft for your customers and earns your business a reputation for being more secure in the handling of sensitive financial information.

Protect Your Employees

Another concern for your business is that you need to protect your current and past employees. Any legal document that pertains to an individual’s employment, such as copies of a driver’s license, Social Security card, or tax form, can be used to steal someone’s identity. 

Shredding these documents when they’re no longer needed will help you protect your employees.

Save Storage Space

You can limit the amount of office space you’ll need to dedicate to storage if you regularly shred documents. Hard copy files can take up a great deal of space as paper documents accumulate over time. 

By shredding documents that can be stored digitally or eliminated, you’ll reduce the amount of space your physical files consume. This reduction will leave extra room for a more spacious office layout.

Build Customer Trust

When you shred your company’s documents, you’ll be creating a more secure commercial environment. This approach reduces the risk that your business will be targeted by white-collar criminals who want to steal data. 

Customers will see that you take steps to protect their information, and that will help your business engender more trust with them. Many businesses find that sharing information about their security measures in their marketing campaigns can help them attract new customers.

You can turn document shredding into a simple and efficient process when you contact the team at ShredQuick. Reach out today to learn how we can help you deal with outdated hard copy documents in Tampa.

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