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Why the paper shredder in your Orlando office is utterly useless

A person standing at a personal manual shredding machine and their tie is caught in the shredder. They are holding their hands up and shouting in shock.
You saw it on sale at your local big-box office supply store. You fantasized about the wonderful things you two could accomplish. You took it to the counter, whipped out your company credit card, cradled it in your arms, and drove it back to your Orlando office.

You breezed through the setup. Within minutes, you fed its first paper and gazed as it spit out evenly sliced pieces into a tumbleweed-shaped ball. You immediately felt safer and more secure.

Not to spoil the mood, but that paper shredder you got offers only false promises—and it’s leaving your Orlando business exposed to risk.


Paper shredders: Cheap but costly

Orlando businesses buy consumer-grade paper shredders because they offer what they think is an inexpensive solution to data protection. The price tag’s attractive—usually less than a hundred bucks. Some of them even do cross-cutting of old papers that turn them into confetti.

Believe it or not, even those tiny fragments of paper from an in-house paper are still enough to fully destroy hard copies of confidential data. All it takes is a person with ill intent and enough time on their hands to painstakingly rebuild enough pieces to obtain the information they need to commit fraud. Unlikely as that scenario sounds, it has happened—and companies have paid dearly.

One of the most famous maxims in business is “You get what you pay for.” That’s definitely the case with store-bought paper shredders. They may save you a few bucks upfront, but they don’t finish the job.


Overlooking the human element

Paper shredders require input and operation by human employees. True, humans are capable of many remarkable things—but they’re still prone to errors, often at the worst possible times.

It’s not always possible to be fully educated on what documents in the office must be shredded, which ones have the most sensitive and confidential data that must be protected.

On top of that, it’s hard to sufficiently explain document-shredding policies to delegated employees. The longer the chain of communication is, the more likely key details get left out, and the higher the risk that a crucial document remains completely intact.


Wasting time on unguaranteed results

Then there’s the time element. Training new employees on operating the shredder and company policies on shredding takes a while. Running a paper shredder and verifying each piece of confidential data is destroyed takes time away from other necessary duties.

Even after a shredding session is done, it’s not always possible for employees to guarantee that they took care of all the documents they needed to destroy. Without verifiable results, an Orlando company may still be in legal jeopardy in regards to privacy laws and civil liability from ineffective in-house shredding.


A surer shredding solution

Using a NAID-certified AAA shredding company is still the best option for Orlando businesses that need thorough, guaranteed document destruction. ShredQuick has the experience and efficiency to entirely destroy all your company’s papers to maximize your security. ShredQuick can even destroy discarded technology components that still house confidential data. We can probably even take care of that cheap, useless paper shredder you bought. Contact us to find out more.

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