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Why there’s a growing need for secure shredding in Clearwater

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Clearwater business is developing at an increasing rate, with more professionals and businesses choosing to make this place their home. With Clearwater’s business profile on the rise, businesses are faced with challenges in preventing data leaks and security breaches that result in the exposure of sensitive information.

Many businesses are turning to professionals shredding services to take care of these risks. Here’s why.

Paperwork still exists. Businesses in Clearwater are increasingly moving a lot of their data to the cloud. But that doesn’t mean paper has entirely vanished from the office. There will likely always be a need to retain hard copies of some information, especially for legal reasons — which means there will always be the chance of leaving written data out in the open for anyone to see and exploit, even if it’s outdated. A professional shredder’s main job is to completely eradicate paperwork so it’s unusable in obtaining confidential data.

Digital media poses a threat. Even if a company has gone all or mostly digital, they’re not exempt from the menace of data theft. Technology is in a never-ending state of evolution. Companies must upgrade their digital devices from time to time, which results in disposing of old devices. All that e-waste — hard drives, mobile phones, laptops, and so forth — may still have sensitive data that needs to be destroyed. Professional shredders take care of destroying digital media alongside their paper-shredding duties.

Compliance is mandatory. Legislatures, professional associations, and other regulatory agencies maintain certain standards for data destruction. These guidelines are often updated to account for recent technology and data management practices. Companies bound by these standards must remain compliant to stay in business and usually must present documented proof that they destroy outdated data in prompt and approved ways. Only NAID-certified professional shredders can produce those documents after they’ve completed their data destruction tasks.

In-house shredding is ineffective. Many companies are beginning to realize that handling all their data destruction in-house doesn’t work. Consumer-grade shredders are bulky, slow, fragile, and short-lived. An employee who spends a lot of time overseeing shredding is not spending time performing more essential functions. Combine the purchase of a cheap shredder with the expenses of time, maintenance, lost productivity, and eventual replacement, and you’ll see it doesn’t save much money at all. The convenience, thoroughness, and security of professional shredders make them a much better deal.

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