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Maybe, you’ve been in business for years.  Perhaps, you’re only just starting out.  In either case, you’re probably aware of something important. 

It’s the fact that certain records need to be maintained.  Yet, others can go out for document destruction.  Here’s an example.  Let’s say your CPA makes you aware of a few things.

First, you need to save certain financial documents for up to seven years.  Also, they’ll explain why it’s wise to save tax filings indefinitely. 

Consider the sensitive data that employees deal with daily.  This includes company planning and records.  It also encompasses confidential customer data. 

Therefore, it’s wise to adopt a policy requiring document shredding for all hard copies.  Why use a Shred All Policy?  There are several good reasons.

Why Use a Shred All Policy?

First and foremost, a Shred All Policy helps you avoid confusion and mistakes.  Of course, you have complex rules about which documents to give to your mobile document shredding service. 

Also, you have guidelines regarding which need to be maintained, filed, secured, and so on.  However, you’re increasing the risks for a mistake.  This, in turn, can lead to trouble. 

Unscrupulous employees or dumpster divers can get their hands on sensitive data.  Then, they use it for a data breach, identity theft, or other illicit purposes. 

A Shred All Policy removes the guesswork of dealing with data in hard copy format.  It’s crucial employees understand that all documents must be shredded. 

Plus, they should never throw documents in the trash.  Also, advise them not to leave them unattended.  Otherwise, they may be found by others who shouldn’t have access. 

This policy goes hand-in-hand with clean desk practices.  Employees must secure needed documents. 

Then, they leave their desks clean and clear of paper at the end of the day.  As a bonus, your office will always look neat and orderly. 

More importantly, however, you’ll ensure compliance with privacy laws.  These laws govern the use and destruction of sensitive consumer data. 

How to Implement a Shred All Policy

Implementation and enforcement are important factors in making your Shred All Policy work.  Hence, your preferred Florida document shredding partner can help. 

First, keep confidential data secure until it is destroyed.  Then, you’ll be provided with locking bins for in-office use.  In doing so, employees know where to deposit hard copies for security purposes. 

You’ll receive scheduled pick-ups.  At that time, the bins are emptied into trucks for on-site shredding. 

Actually, they use industrial equipment that meets all standards for data security.  In fact, you can watch to ensure the job is done right. 

Also, you’ll receive a Certificate of Destruction for your records.  You can even have data digitized before shredding.  This will preserve an unbroken business record.