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Upgrading is an unavoidable facet of utilizing technology.  In fact, consider the computers and devices.  You rely on them to conduct business.

Of course, they are an essential convenience in this modern world.  Hence, without them you can’t compete.

Unfortunately, they can quickly become outdated and incapable of meeting your needs.  Eventually, you’ll have to throw them over in favor of newer, better technologies.

When this occurs, the next step is determining the best way to dispose of them.  After all, you need to meet privacy and environmental laws.

In doing so, you’ll protect your company.  Also, you’ll shield customers who entrust you with their confidential personal data.

Naturally, you hire IT professionals to secure your network and devices.  Also, you partner with a trusted mobile document shredding service for document destruction.

Therefore, find the right company to wipe, shred, and recycle devices when no longer needed.  Thus, you can’t trust just anyone to do this for you.

Faulty Wiping Processes

Can you engage in document shredding in-house?  Yes, you can.  However, there are possible issues that can come up.

These include internal theft of documents left lying in open bins.  Also, there’s the accidental tossing of hard copies with confidential data by employees.

Often, they do it because they’re confused about shredding policies.  Maybe, they’re using the wrong equipment.  Thus, they fail to comply with standards for applicable privacy laws.

Be selective about who wipes your hard drives and other devices. Otherwise, you’ll end up dealing with a situation where the data isn’t properly erased.

As a result, data may be found.  Then, used for the purposes of a data breach or identity theft.

Thus, it damages your company.  Also, it hurts your customers in the process.

Shredding without Wiping

Many companies offer shredding services for hard drives and other electronic devices.  Yet, they don’t take the time to wipe them prior to shredding.

In reality, this is a mistake.  Proper shredding makes data recovery impossible.  Hence, always be careful.

A thorough process will include multi-pass overwriting before shredding.  This is done to ensure no confidential data survives to be recovered.

Tossing Devices

There have been cases of disposal companies simply tossing devices wholesale into the trash. They don’t bother to wipe or shred them first.

Thus, the issue is discovered as a result of a data breach or identity theft.  Therefore, there is a great way to avoid this.

It’s by is by choosing a trusted Florida document shredding service with NAID certification.  This denotes the highest standards and practices.

Hence, choosing wisely makes all the difference for your business and the customers.  After all, they trust you to protect their sensitive data.