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Keeping confidential information secure is essential. Actually, this is true for both your business and your clients.

Thus, sensitive information is something that every company has to an extent. This includes records containing bank account information.

Also, it pertains to social security numbers and home addresses. Additionally, it encompasses personal client information. In fact, all of these things are considered sensitive information.

Suppose a client hires your company. Let’s say, a patient walks into your office. Maybe, a new employee fills out new-hire forms.

In either case, these individuals expect their information is protected. Maybe, you have data encryption and other security measures in place.

Possibly, you are not engaging in proper document destruction. Thus, you are not ensuring the privacy and safety of your clients and employees.

Here are a few reasons why document shredding should be prioritized:

Legal Ramifications

In fact, there are legal requirements. Businesses must keep their client information secure. It’s done by disposing of sensitive information in a specific manner.

Of course, shedding documents is necessary. In doing so, it keeps up with the compliance requirements put in place by various regulations.

These are set forth by HIPAA, FACTA, Sarbanes-Oxley, and Gramm-Leach-Bliley. Consequently, by staying in compliance, you keep your company out of legal trouble.

Also, you’ll provide your clients with the certainty that you prioritize their privacy.


In reality, throwing away sensitive documents poses a legal issue. Plus, it is unsustainable.

That’s due to the negative environmental impact that accumulated trash has on the planet. Therefore, enact a secure shredding program for your office.

Hence, you will have peace of mind. That’s because you’ll know that your paper materials are recycled in an eco-friendly way.

Additionally, this acts as a public relations perk. It gives your business the ability to tout its eco-friendliness and “green” initiatives.


In fact, many states have requirements for when a business experiences a breach of data. Thus, all affected (employees, clients, customers, etc.) must be notified.

Perhaps, you keep sensitive documents longer than needed. Maybe, you don’t dispose of them correctly. This greatly affects your company’s reputation if a breach occurs.

These days, breaches are more common. This is due to increased hacker knowledge. Therefore, it is important that your company shreds sensitive office documents.

Also, employ a professional shredding service. Consider hiring a company like Florida document shredding company, ShredQuick. They offer mobile document shredding.

Plus, they provide certificates of destruction. Thus, your clients are confident that you have done due diligence to protect their data.