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Why You Should Call in The Pros for Proper Hard Drive Disposal

Perhaps, you’re running a small home-based business. Maybe, you head up a large corporation. In either case, the time will come for the replacement of office equipment. This includes PCs, laptops, printers, and copiers.

Also, consider the latest personal devices including smartphones, tablets, and other gadgets. In reality, they store enormous amounts of private information. Maybe, you plan on selling the machines or to recycle them.

Hence, it’s imperative that you erase all data stored on the hard drives. In doing so, you’ll protect sensitive information and files.

These days, computer hackers are a savvy and talented bunch. Therefore, they can easily leverage data breaches to swipe personal and company information. Then, they use it for nefarious intent.

Is it time to replace your devices? Likely, the answer is yes. Thus, you need to ensure all data is completely wiped clean. In fact, the only sure way to do so is professional hard drive disposal.

Let’s look at a few options to make this happen with your Florida-based electronic equipment:

Recycle It

Of course, you’re environmentally conscious. Thus, you plan to recycle an old computer. However, what about sensitive information stored on the hard drive?

Truthfully, erasing or reformatting the disk won’t do the job. Instead, you must erase the entire operating system. Luckily, there’s software available to guide you through this process. Usually, it takes several hours.

Destroy It

Let’s say, you’ve fully rewritten an operating system. Still, your data is accessible to an expert with the right skills and tools.

What about hard drives with especially sensitive data? In reality, the best approach is professional hard drive disposal.

Thus, calling in a Florida pro will give you peace of mind. Plus, your information remains safe and sound. To reach that conclusion, a professional service will:

  • Crush the hard drive with a manual or powered device which enlists a steel punch to completely deform the drive.
  • Use a degausser to disrupt or completely remove the hard drive’s magnetic field. This is an excellent approach for large companies. Then, it’s followed by shredding to prevent any potential for data recovery. Degaussing is complicated and renders the device unusable.
  • Of course, physical destruction is drastic. Yet, it’s very thorough. Holes can be punched or drilled in the disk platter, shredding it to pieces. Alternately, they use sanding it to erase the data. Pulverizing, melting, and grinding are also effective choices.

Leave It to The Pros

Certainly, you can spend hours combing the web for DIY data destruction methods. However, it’s critical that you protect your private information.

Consequently, the best strategy is to enlist help from experts. A reputable company uses the most reliable methods. Also, they’ll provide a certificate verifying destruction.

Keep your Florida data safe and partner with a pro.

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