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Perhaps, you’re an intrepid solo entrepreneur. Maybe, you are part of a behemoth organization. Either way, at some point you need to consider document shredding.

That’s because you need to get rid of sensitive company and employee information. Also, you need to dispose of proprietary client data and other records. To that end, the protection of privacy is critical. It ensures smooth and efficient business operation.

Of course, there’s the data protection element. Additionally, document destruction frees up valuable space in your office facilities. Plus, it boosts productivity while enhancing your business reputation.

It also reduces liability and does its part to help the environment. Yet, what is the best document shredding option for your company?

Save Time and Money

You can pay an employee to feed reams of paper through a shredding machine. However, removing staples or paper clips, cleaning up, and unhinging inevitable paper jams is time-consuming.

Instead, enlist the help of a pro for your Florida document shredding needs. In doing so, you’ll save time and money. By using collection containers, they quickly and securely discard paper. This allows employees to focus on their assigned tasks.

Liability Limiter

Privacy standards are a serious business. Thus, several federal laws are in place (including HIPAA and FACTA). They ensure individual and business privacy is protected throughout the disposal process.

Hence, you should employ a certified document shredding service. In doing so, it ensures your company complies with applicable laws. Additionally, it reduces liability risks. This is done by providing proof of document shredding details. It includes the date, time, and method used.

Recycling Done Better

Paper recycling has been around for a long time. Actually, it’s something done in our businesses daily. It helps the planet. However, even after shredding it is still risky to set out the remains.

That’s because determined criminals can grab them and piece together confidential information. A mobile or in-house document shredding option allows the complete destruction of material.

There are attentive security measures in place every step of the way. Plus, they maintain full protection of information. This is done during collection, shredding, baling, and recycling.

Reputation Booster

You put tremendous effort into your business and its reputation. Yet, let’s say confidential information is pilfered. In that case, the information is at risk of dissolving the trust of both clients and employees.

A professional shredding service cements your company’s reputation. This is done by thorough, transparent, and secure document destruction. It’s completed on-site or at a secure shredding facility.

Perhaps, you’re transporting it to a facility. In fact, vetted professionals stay by your documents’ side in locked vehicles. They are there all the way to a pre-determined shredding location.

These days, security and sustainability are important. Therefore, document shredding brings many positive benefits to your business.