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Why You Should Consider Keeping A Medical Records Destruction Log

Truthfully, medical records include lots of confidential and sensitive information. Really, they apply to both facility staff and patients. Hence, these records bring top dollar on the dark web.

Thus, they’re a favorite target of
cyber-criminals. Consider any clinic, hospital or other medical facilities. In
reality, they must do all they can to avoid a data breach. Also, they need to
protect other theft of private information.

Of course, there’s one effective, and typically required method for Florida records destruction. It’s shredding. However, it’s worthless unless you keep track of which records, when, and the method of destruction. Thus, that’s where a records destruction log comes in.

Really, the goal of a destruction
log is the permanent record of shredded inactive data. Naturally, the amount of
detail included in a log depends on your facility’s needs. Yet, in general, the
more detail the better.

This is especially true when it
comes to regulatory audits. Hence, let’s look closer at what should be included
in a records log. Also, we will review the benefits of doing so.

What to Include in
A Records Destruction Log

In fact, governing agencies and
related organizations encourage maintaining logs of all medical records
destruction. Also, they suggest including pertinent information with each

  • Patient And/or Employee Names and Addresses
  • Description of The Record’s Content
  • Time and Date of Destruction
  • Method of Destruction
  • Patient Information and Dates Covered in The Record
  • Names and Signatures of Witness to The Destruction

Medical Records
Destruction Vs. “Regular” Document Shredding

Consider all data combined by hospitals, individual physicians, and other areas of the healthcare industry. Actually, it’s known as Protected Health Information (PHI). In fact, patient medical details, insurance information, and a host of additional private information is strictly regulated by HIPPA.

Therefore, any facility losing
records is susceptible to swift and severe judgment. Truthfully, a destruction
log helps avoid that outcome. Certainly, medical records management can be

Yet, a detailed log offers an organized location to track all of your Florida facility’s records destruction processes. Let’s say the records have been destroyed. Then, a professional shredding service provides a certificate of destruction.

It explains applicable security measures. Actually, they include witnesses to the procedure. Also, they contain exact times, dates, and methods of destruction. In reality, these all further boosts your defense against future data breaches.

Records Destruction

Mostly, two main options are available for reliable records destruction. Truthfully, they are off-site or mobile shredding. In fact, each choice has its own benefit. Of course, the main difference is that mobile shredding is more convenient. Either way, the end result is the safe and final destruction of confidential information.

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