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Why You Should Consider Setting Up Route Shredding Service for Your Sarasota Business

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Whatever services or products your Sarasota business offers, it no doubt generates a lot of physical or electronic information. If outdated, sensitive information gets into criminal hands, it can jeopardize your company’s security. If it’s customer information, you may face legal liability for carelessness related to fraud or identity theft.

Fortunately, there’s a 21st-century solution to reduce these risks: route shredding, also known as mobile shredding. With route shredding, data destruction professionals come to your place of work to destroy out-of-date information, whether it’s on paper or hard drive.

There are several reasons why route shredding is the right choice for your data destruction needs. 

It’s Convenient

Route shredding is extremely easy. Professionals regularly visit your business, so you don’t have to go off-site. They thoroughly destroy old documents so your employees can spend time on more important matters. All you need to do is have the documents ready, and a route shredding service takes care of all of the grunt work. 

It’s Cost-Efficient

Store-bought shredders can be expensive. They also don’t last that long, especially if you can’t keep up with regular maintenance. A route shredding service not only does a more complete job with your documents but also saves money in equipment repairs and replacement over the long term. 

It’s Effective

Shredding machines from office supply stores don’t always work thoroughly. Too often, the documents they shred can be reconstructed and made legible again by dedicated criminal minds. 

A professional route shredder uses industrial-grade equipment that completely shreds old documents into oblivion, with no chance of any information being retrieved from them. 

It’s Eco-Friendly

Route shredding services physically take your waste off your premises. They then dispose of it at recycling centers, where it’s generated into new products. This approach reduces the risk of your business contributing to landfills full of paper that’s improperly disposed of — a crucial step in preserving the environment. 

It’s Guaranteed

After a route shredding service completes your job, its employees issue a certificate verifying completion of their work. This document provides valuable protection for your business if a legal dispute comes up. No matter how great your employees are, a route shredder’s certificate is a more valid assurance than “take my word for it.” 

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