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Why you should replace your manual shredder with a Naples professional shredding service

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Most professional offices in Naples understand the importance of document shredding: It helps keep classified information secure and safe, limiting their legal exposure and protecting their customers’ privacy.

Many such businesses choose to install retail equipment to save a few upfront bucks by keeping shredding operations in-house. But that’s not the best idea. There are several reasons why Naples companies should chuck their commercial-grade shredders and leave their data destruction duties to professional shredding companies.

Manual shredding is more expensive. That compact shredding machine you got at a big office chain during a 25% off sale may seem like a bargain. But that’s before you factor in other costs: blade maintenance, lost employee productivity, and the near certainty that your shredder will have to be replaced in a couple of years. A professional shredding service may look like it costs more, but, it’s far more cost-effective over the long haul.

Manual shredding only destroys paper. Ever tried shredding an outdated mobile phone, hard drive, or laptop through a paper shredder? If you have, we’ll bet you don’t have the best reputation among your office mates. More likely you haven’t, for one exceptionally good reason: Paper shredders only shred paper. But all those other devices hold sensitive information that can easily fall into the wrong hands. A professional shredding company can destroy everything with outdated, private information — including digital devices.

Manual shredding doesnt finish the job. Manual shredders dice up paper in one of two ways: strip-cutting and cross-cutting. Strip-cutting leaves entire lengths of paper intact, which are very easily reconstructed by anyone who wants to get information from them. Cross-cutting makes smaller bits of paper, but they can also be reconfigured by someone who has the time. Professional shredders used advanced processes that render all your paper waste completely illegible and impossible to put back together.

Manual shredding doesnt guarantee compliance. Medical offices and financial companies are bound by certain regulations about the destruction of old data. They must have written proof that they follow those practices effectively and consistently. That proof can’t come from your company, for self-evident reasons. It must come from a professional third party that issues legally binding certificates of data destruction. That’s exactly what a professional shredder does.

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