X-Ray Recycling

If you’ve ever recycled old x-rays then you probably already know that most recycling companies don’t verify the weight of your x-rays and then they make you wait weeks and weeks for your rebate check.

Some recycling companies even chare you a fee for picking up your x-rays and then they keep your recycling rebate money for themselves.
ShredQuick is different.

Here’s why many medical facilities that need to recycle old x-rays are switching to ShredQuick’s Weigh ‘N Pay X-Ray Recycling Program:

Certified and Secure-We offer a HIPAA / HITECH Certified way to securely destroy confidential x-rays.
Verified Weight– We weigh your x-rays at pick up, so you never have to wonder if you’re being credited with the correct weight.
Instant Payments– ShredQuick pays your rebate check when we pick up your x-rays, so you don’t have to wait for YOUR money.
Bigger Rebate Checks– Our rebate checks are on average, 20% higher than checks you’ve received from other X-ray recyclers.M/li>

Shred X-ray Jackets– We shred your X-ray jackets because they contain confidential patient information covered by HIPAA HITECH.

Here’s How Our Weigh ‘N Pay X-Ray Recycling Program Works:

  1. We provide professional-looking containers for you to store your x-rays for destruction.
  2. We either put you on a pickup schedule or you call when you need a pickup.
  3. One of our certified drivers will weight your x-rays at your location and give you an instant rebate check on the spot.
  4. Our driver then brings your x-rays back to our plant to be securely destroyed.
  5. We separate your x-rays from their paper jackets and shred the jackets that often contain confidential patient information.
  6. We securely recycle your x-rays.
    Stop waiting and give us a call or click here for a price quote.

ShredQuick Has Been Awarded The Highest Security Rating, “AAA
Certified” By The National Association For Information Destruction

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