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You Should Be Shredding All of Your Company Mail in St. Petersburg, and Here’s Why

A piece of mail with the words URGENT and TIME SENSITIVE stamped on the envelope. This image represents shredding company mail.

There are so many scams happening online in today’s world that it’s easy to forget the scams, theft, and fraud that can occur in the real, physical world. 

One of the most common scams still rampant today is thieves committing fraud or identity theft with the information on discarded mail. That’s why your business should be shredding all of its correspondence and records before throwing them away.

The Risks of Not Shredding Mail 

Neglecting to shred mail creates several risks for your business. If you leave your important mail intact and simply throw it away, identity thieves can find it when searching through trash bags, trash cans, and dumpsters.

Typically, thieves will look for dates of birth (DOBs), social security numbers, full names, mortgage or rent payments, credit card numbers, and usernames and passwords. With this kind of information, identity thieves can open credit cards and ruin your credit, a client or employee’s credit, your business’s reputation, and so much more. 

What Must Be Shredded 

For a business, everything must be shredded. Every piece of mail has the potential to contain at least one sensitive piece of information. However, some mail, such as tax documents and bank statements, can contain entire pages of sensitive information. Therefore, to ensure complete safety and security, any piece of mail that comes into a business should be shredded. 

The Benefits of Shredding Mail

Shredding mail comes with several benefits for a business. 

Reducing Clutter

Paper can take up a lot of space, making your office look disorganized and chaotic. Shredding mail helps free up space and keeps your office or business looking clean and organized.  

Helping the Environment

When you throw mail away, it ends up in a landfill. However, a professional and climate-friendly shredding service such as ShredQuick will not only destroy your wanted documents and mail but have the shredded pieces recycled. This process lowers your impact on the environment and reduces your carbon footprint.   

Preventing Identity and Data Theft

Businesses everywhere can more successfully avoid identity and data theft instances by destroying mail and other business documents and files. Without information to steal, thieves are powerless.   

Mail Shredding Services for St. Petersburg Businesses

Shredding mail is one of the best ways for a business to protect itself. However, mail often contains sensitive information that can cause major devastation to your company if stolen. 

That’s why you should consider using a professional shredding service in St. Petersburg FL like ShredQuick to avoid information and identify theft and keep your business, clients, and employees safe.

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