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Your St. Petersburg Business Should Never Use Off-Site Paper Shredding, and Here’s Why

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If a paper warrants shredding, it must require a certain amount of discretion. Papers selected to be shredded rather than tossed in the trash or recycle bin are those containing the information you don’t want to fall into the wrong hands.

Off-site shredding services take your documents off your hands, just like on-site services, but with an added element of risk. One you may not have considered.

Here are a few of the many reasons your business should never use an off-site shredding company.

Chain of Custody

Sensitive information should pass through as few hands as possible. If you allow an off-site shredding company to take your documents from your facility, that breaks the chain of custody. 

From the time these papers leave your business, you can no longer guarantee their security. You have no way of knowing how many people will view these documents before they are destroyed. For example, plant-based shredding services will sift through the documents before shredding them to ensure recyclability. 


Your company is liable for its records and documents, whether they’re in your custody or not. With sensitive information out of your hands, you have no way of knowing who’s looking at them and if the company even shreds them.

All it takes is one document with private or classified information to fall into the wrong hands, and you could find your reputation and your business in hot water.

Peace of Mind

You’re not guaranteed peace of mind with an off-site shredding company. Sure, you assume that, once the documents leave your business, they’ll go to a plant for shredding. But what if they don’t get there? An accident during transport could easily compromise your information.

When the documents get to their destination, it doesn’t mean the company will handle them immediately. It isn’t uncommon for documents and records to sit in a warehouse for some time before shredding. You won’t know if this location is safe or who has access.

Get On-Site Shredding with ShredQuick

Why take chances when it comes to your business’s private information? ShredQuick makes it so that you never have to. Our on-site shredding service is nationally acclaimed with a “AAA Certified” security rating for our uncompromising commitment to our process.

When you sign up with ShredQuick, we take your documents to our shredding truck right outside your office or facility and destroy them immediately. You can watch it all happen. A camera and video monitoring system allows you and the driver to see every single document we shred.

Contact us today to learn more about our service and how we can help your St. Petersburg business.   

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